Saturday, June 18, 2011

on the road again…

I’m about to start my 3rd week on the road this month. This past week, my family and I went to visit my Dad’s family in Texas. The week before that, I spent the week in Chattanooga with the Jr. High group from church on our middle school mission trip. Tonight (and really early tomorrow morning) I’m leaving again to help with the high school mission trip. It was a little unexpected, but one of the chaperone’s grandparents is sick and she needed to be available if he needed her. I figured that I’ve spent a good amount of time on an air mattress this month- what’s one more week? We are leaving for Benton Harbor, Michigan tonight around midnight. I’ve got a good air mattress and some ear plugs, so I think we should be good to go. :)

Before I left though, I wanted to share some pictures from my adventures this month. I had a really good time on the Chattanooga mission trip and really got to know the girls that I am working with this summer a lot better. Relationships, relationships, relationships people. It’s tough to be a middle school girl these days. After hearing what some of these girls are going through, I feel so blessed that I got through my time in middle school as well as I did. If you have a chance to work with girls in this age range- DO IT! They need to feel loved and be mentored. There’s a longing that someone older will come along and guide them- just like we all feel!

Okay, onto the pictures!

As you notice, poor baby brother was in his big sister’s group with a bunch of girls. He pretended to be upset, but you know deep down in side that he enjoyed hanging out with cute girls all day. The first two afternoons, we spent time at the church we were staying at doing some yardwork. Pulling weeds, mulching, and such. A little hot, but nothing too hard. We also went to a HeadStart and two nursing homes. There aren’t any pictures from those activities because we were not allowed to photograph at HeadStart and I forgot my camera at the nursing homes. Great, I know. :)

 missiontrip 014

Monday night, we took the group to Rock City. It’s a neat little thing to walk through some rock formations and all that stuff. From the spot that this picture was taken, you can see seven states I think. Somewhere around that number.

missiontrip 016 

The girls and I stayed in the church nursery. This meant plenty of books for bedtime stories and lots of giggling and staying up late chatting.

missiontrip 030

missiontrip 050

So, that was the middle school mission trip. Keep our group in your prayers in the upcoming week as we drive to Michigan to serve (Oh- and pray that high school girls like sleeping more than the jr. highers did. This girl needs some sleep. Haha.)

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  1. Have fun girlie! I'll be praying! Thanks for the book recs!