Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Alive...

I promise I'm still alive guys.
I was planning on posting pictures from my mission trip (which was amazing and fun and I'll blog about later). Promise cross my heart. But I was home from Chattanooga for approximately four hours before we left again to head across the country to Texas to visit family. I'm here for the next little bit, but my camera cord is at home. Sad day. So, I'm thinking we'll have to wait until I return home to post the pictures (and the stories that go along with them). Surprisingly, I really enjoyed spending the week with my Jr. High girls that I've been working with this summer. I just didn't ever seem to remember until seven in the morning that I'm not thirteen anymore and I can't stay up all hours of the night and still function in the morning (minus caffeine).
I'm not planning on blogging much this week. No scheduled posts or anything like that. I need to catch up on a few of my TV shows I missed last week (and some from this week) and then I think I'm logging off of technology for the week. I enjoyed the needed break last week...and sometimes it's good to be present with my family, especially the ones I don't get to see very often. So, when I get back, look for some updates. Promise it's not goodbye forever though. I like this blogging thing too much! :)

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