Monday, June 1, 2009

#17 Redecorating

M'kay. So, I did a little redecorating of the room since I've been home from summer. Added some storage units, put curtains on my closets, put stuff on the walls and such. So, I decided to make a video of the accomplishments, but I will probably add pictures later because its difficult to show some things while carrying a computer around. :) So, enjoy the video.

Also, in case you were wondering:
  • The Storage Units (with the colorful boxes) were made by ClosetMaid and purchased at Lowe's. We got them on Clearance for $10 a piece, but I think they run between $30 and 40 usually.
  • The cross above my mirror/vanity is from Hobby Lobby. I got it during a sale on wall art for $5!
  • My really cute tissue holder on my desk that you probably can't see really good (it has pastel polka dots) is from Pottery Barn. Clearance-$5.
  • In my cubbys, there is a polka-dotted patterned paper behind the pictures. It is called Wall Pops and they stick to the wall, but are easily removable. I think they would be great for a dorm room!! I think my daddy got them on Clearance at Lowe's. He suprised me with them one time when the family visited me in AU.
  • The really cute art on my walls everywhere was made by me during finals week. I did a slideshow on them in early May that has close ups of them all. I had alot of fun doing them (and procrastinating!!) and they were pretty cheap too! You can get a three count of canvases for less than $5 at WalMart, and paint is pretty cheap too! And its fun!
  • The letters above my bed (the LAUREN ones) were made using wood letters ($1.99 each) and scrapbook paper (5 for $1) from Hobby Lobby and using rubber cement. I made the LEA for my dorm room and just added the URN to finish spelling my name. I was going to put ribbons on them, but couldn't ever find a good way to tie them. They were significantly cheaper than buying online (at least $8 a letter).
Finally, I have one last thing to finish for the room. I have a bench, that I didn't really show in the video, that I am going to spray paint white and modge podge black and white pictures on the top of. The top opens up and you can put stuff inside of it. I'm pretty excited about this project!! And Mom and I are going to get paint and stuff for the bathroom, so soon that will be cute too!! :) Yay!

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