Saturday, June 13, 2009

dear mr. president

[Note: This post is purely political. Don't like, don't read. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I would love to know yours if you can say it nicely. Thanks.]

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I'm not too thrilled with you at the moment. I'm actually starting to get kind of scared about how your plans for the present are going to affect my future. You see, you seem to like to make cuts to some of the programs that I need/like the most to give money to the things that I don't really care for. For example, you are proposing cuts to Medicare. I understand we're in a financial crisis at the moment, but seriously dude? If you stop paying the pharmaceutical companies, they're going to go bankrupt or be forced to stop providing medications to our senior citizens THAT HAVE PAID INTO THE SYSTEM. Unlike some of the other people you want to give money to that just sit on the couch all day watching their 1000+ channels on their cable. You know, the ones that have cellulars with unlimited texting. And yet, they can't feed their children or pay to go to the doctors. Imagine that. Maybe we should make them get rid of the fancy stuff before we give them free money. Other people that work really hard that don't have 1000+ channel cable and unlimited texting's money that was taken from them by the government to give to the lazy people.

And at the same time, you are still discussing this whole universal health care thing. I'm sorry, but if you can't handle Medicare and Medicaid, maybe you shouldn't be trying to create a universal health care system. Have you looked at Canada and Britain's health care lately? Yes, everyone can go to the doctor, but it takes years to get in. And you get denied access to health care treatments if "they" deem that you are too far progressed. That's why all the Canadians are coming to the US for health care. But, oh wait, as part of your Medicare cuts, you are proposing we do the same thing. We're gonna cut out all of those unnecessary knee and back surgeries. And the best part- all of these cuts are going to extend the life of Medicare to 2024. Dude, really?

Here's my idea on how we solve this whole budget "crisis". We stop wasting time with all these unnecessary bills going through congress regarding tobacco regulation and other measures regarding government getting involved in matters they don't need to be involved in. They just take up time in court. And in order to make sure that the bills all get seen and important bills don't just expire because "we don't have time for them because we're arguing on whether the white house's laundry room should be painted orange or purple", we stop giving the congressmen their paychecks until they do their job. Then, we get all of these illegal immigrants out of our country (no matter where they are from- Mexico or England-just get them out of here). This will provide countless jobs to our unemployed and cut down on the amount of welfare checks we issue. This will also help keep our hospitals open since they might actually be paid for their services for once. We stop bailing out these companies and let them take responsibility for their own actions. We stop these court cases that are going through for the sole purpose to sue someone for something stupid (Warning:Coffee may be hot). And finally, we unite behind a common goal: love for our country. We stop the politics. We stop the bipartisanship and political correctness. We are not a country of Republicans and Democrats. We are a country of Americans. Let our congressmen vote on legislation for what they think is right instead of what their party says they have to in order to get money for electoral campaigns.

Mr. President Obama, you have a really hard job. I don't really ever want to be in your place. But, sir, the fate of the country rests in your hands. Please, do what is right, not what will get you reelected in three years. By doing that, I think you will get a lot more votes. At least, you might get mine. :)


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