Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day!

I am convinced (not that I was ever unconvinced) that there is no such thing as global warming.
I mean, if it can snow in Alabama for THREE years in a row, there is obviously no such thing.
I had been planning to visit Auburn on Thursday for about a week. Then, on Thursday, suddenly people started talking about white stuff falling from the sky on Friday. By 10am Thursday morning, school for the boys was canceled, and it was decided that I would probably not be returning home on Friday,
Friday morning came and I was awoken by leaf blowers. Yes. Leaf blowers. So, I assumed it was not snowing. It began snowing a little later, and by lunchtime began to stick to the ground. Obviously, I was ill-prepared for the snow with not ski coat in Auburn. So, I went outside to take pictures, but stayed under the covering so I wouldn't get snowed on and cold.
I don't know how much snow we got up here, honestly....but it was a few inches. I went to dig my car out tonight so it would be easier to leave in the morning (I HAVE to get home to do homework. Too many tests Monday), and there was a LOT of snow on my car. I didn't get pictures after the sorry. I was a little cold and wet and just wanted to get inside to get Hot Chocolate. :)
So. Yes. It snowed today in Auburn, Alabama. No. I don't believe in global warming. Now, I'm just hanging out in the warmth of the apartment watching the Olympics. I'll do a post on that later. I'm tired and my bed (aka air mattress) is calling my name.

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