Saturday, February 20, 2010

one hundred.

If my numbers and Blogger are right...then this is post number one hundred on my blog. I can't believe I've FINALLY made it to the triple digits. It's kind of exciting. :)

Random facts:
1. My first blog post on this blog was on March 16, 2009. Almost a year! You can go see that first post here!
2. You can get to my blog by Google searching "rainboots". I don't know how many pages down I am, but apparently one of my readers has done it.
3. My most popular page is the homepage (um...duh!), and after that is my Adam Family Christmas post. I think that's because it was part of a blog hop. Not because people like to stalk my family. I hope. :)
4. Thanks to Twitter, you can stalk me even when I forget to blog! You can follow me @leadam.
5. I was going to list 100 cool, random facts...but I ran out of things to say at number 4. I mean, you don't really want to read a list of 100 things do you? I'm sure you have better things to do. :)

So, to celebrate, I made a collage of 100 pictures that have been taken since this blog started. It's much more concise than a list of 100 random facts. Yay!


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