Sunday, February 7, 2010

a little help please?

I normally don't like to try new things.
Except when it comes to blogging (hence the new layout every so often).

I want a new blog title.
Not Your Everyday Cinderella is just too long. And I don't really have a meaning for it.
But, I want something exciting.
So, I Googled "Blog Title Ideas".
No luck.
I mean, "Life with Lauren" isn't cute. And "Lauren's Lair" just sounds awful.
I need a new first initial.

And then, the second idea on ehow was to use a song title.
I thought that was a cool idea.
Until I started going through iTunes.
Came to the conclusion that if my name was Caroline, I could have a sweet title. (Get it?)

I fail.
How did I ever come up with a blog title in the first place?
I just want something simple and easy.
And more exciting than "Lauren's Blog".
I thought creativity was one of my strong points.
Lauren's lacking in ideas at the moment.

I like cupcakes, princesses, and sprinkles.
I don't like pickles or tomatoes.
I need ideas.


  1. Ideas, why didn't you ask. Since you like polka dots, you could go off that theme... remember that as a little girl I sometimes called you boogerhead. Well a bunch of them would look like polka dots. The other way to go with polka dots is that polka is also a dance style, we used to dance to the Beer Barrel Polka, so you could have Beer Barrel Polka Dots. I full of ideas if you need more. Love Ya. :-)

  2. Oh Dad... This would be why I didn't come to you for ideas. :)