Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I've gotta find me a frat boy to marry..."

So, a lot has happened since I last posted (um, yesterday). I got my TB test (that I'm not really sure if it's required for Mission Year or not, but I remembered reading that that might be a good thing to do, so I went and got it done) and I came home and promptly passed out (we think from dehydration). And then, two hours later, I drove up to Auburn. To see my friends before I leave for Chicago (which by the way, happens in a week!) and go to DIVE LIVE! (an on campus worship service my college ministry put on last night).

I didn't bring along my big camera, just took along the point and shoot, so my pictures aren't amazing, but I thought I would share. When I got there around 3, I walked to campus to meet Ivy. She was handing out flyers for the event and such. So, I hung out with her and we caught up on each others' summers. And discussed how much more polite these frat boys are when you try and hand them a flyer. (Um, they say "thank you". Enough said). So, therefore, decision made. I need to find me a frat boy. Well, a good one. Not one of those other kind. :)

And then, I met this girl for dinner at Chickfila (my fav guys, not even kidding. I wonder if they have these in Chicago and how I'm going to fit this one in my budget. I went there a total of 3 times last night. Not. Even. Kidding.) And I got her up to date on my life (since she was out of the country all summer and I couldn't exactly call/text her.)

And I forgot to mention said plan to marry frat boy. (Though, I did warn her not to get married in the next year and not invite me to the wedding. Um, important stuff people. Nobody can get married in the next year. Not. Allowed.) Then, Kayla had to leave (Sad day). She had chapter and had to get all dressed up.

And then, DIVE LIVE! started. Like, 20 minutes late (because who really runs on a schedule?). But, it was okay! The whole concert was the worship band leading songs (for almost 2 hours) that we normally sing at Dive (which happens at 8pm on Thursdays in the college ministry room. Fun stuff). And I took some pictures, but they really didn't turn out. This one is probably the best I have.

And...then we cleaned up and packed up and headed back to the college ministry building (because I have a friend who lives there. No really. For real. It's legit). And we went to bed. Because it was late and we (um, Ivy, Ali, and me) were sleepy. And so, the day ended.

Overall, I'm really happy I found time in my busy (haha) schedule to visit my friends. It was really encouraging. Sometimes I feel like no one really gets why I'm going to Chicago and all. And it's nice to see people really care and want to keep up with everything. I mean, I don't know that much about what I'm going to be doing in Chicago yet, but I can already talk for a long time about it. I'm just really excited. And blessed. I mean, I am incredibly blessed to be able to do this AND in all the support I've received so far (from a variety of people/places). It's awesome to be able to see God work in all of this.

And now, because I haven't done this in awhile...I'm going to name off my top 3 favorite songs. Just for fun and giggles. (You know you want to know!) In no particular order....(and I probably should mention, liable to change by tomorrow)

1. Keep Changing the World- Mikeschair

2. My Story- Addison Road

3. Light Up the Sky- The Afters

In reference to the original title- I don't plan on getting married in the next eleven months, so no worries guys (aka Daddy). I'm just making a statement. Those Old South frat boys (you know which ones) are awfully good at this whole southern gentleman thing. And you know me...I want one of those! :)

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  1. Good thing you added that last paragraph because I was seriously thinking of going up to your room and dragging you out of bed to have a little late night sermonizing about the evil of men/boys.