Friday, August 13, 2010

journaling phase.

We are now entering the journaling phase (imagine that being said in a deep, scary voice).

I began contemplating it when I realized how much I love blogging. And then, I realized that in 19 days I won't have internet access sitting at my fingertips. And yet, I want to remember everything I can about this upcoming year. So, I decided I needed to journal so I could remember stuff. (And blog about it whenever possible).

And you should know I like cute stuff. I mean, in my about me, it should say, "Hi, I'm Lauren. I like cute stuff." So, I knew that aforementioned journal couldn't be a one-subject 25 cent notebook. It needed to be cute. And girly. And Annie's journal inspired me somewhat. I mean, I love trying to be creative.

So, I found me a cute notebook and grabbed me a paint pen and went to work to come up with this. Life verse? Check. Monogram? Check.

And then I decided my journally thingy needed an introductory page. In case I ever became famous someday and someone stumbled across my journal.

I mean, I only had a pen and some scrapbooking supplies so I had to get pretty creative here.

But then, the other day at Target (we stopped to get a Strawberry smoothie and some transparency markers) I found the best thing ever aka Sharpie Pens. I mean, they're like a sharpie, but they're a pen! And they don't bleed through the paper and their acid free and they are super fun to write with. And they came in black, blue, red, and purple I think. Maybe green. I don't feel like finding the packaging to check.

And so now...I write in my journal with Sharpie pens. And I like to think that they make my handwriting prettier. But, my handwriting still isn't teacher perfect, so maybe a year of journaling will improve my handwriting??

(and I'm sharing the above in attempts to be a "transparent blogger" by sharing my personal journal entry. Ha. I mean, it's not like I didn't blog about it YESTERDAY!)

And that would be a summary of the journaling phase I'm going through. I think it might really work this time. Unlike when I was in third grade and kept a diary. Or fourth. Or sixth. Or seventh. Or the fact that I don't do really good at this journaling business and it usually only lasts a week or so. But, I think I have a chance for success this time!

On a completely unrelated note, I figured out how to upload my edited picture from yesterday in full size. If you want to see it bigger, click on the photo below!

On another completely unrelated note, I'm taking a poll (you can respond in the comments).

If you had a relation,that was say in the third grade and your little brother, and you recorded a really funny video of him (with his permission of course!) that would be perfect for blackmail purposes, say when he was seventeen, would you wait until he was older to use it against him OR would you go ahead and post it on the blog? I mean, it's not like it couldn't be recycled later....right? ;)


  1. What are you talking about, not teacher perfect? I think it's amazing. Your journal is super, super cute! Keep up the creativity. :] I hope you love journaling as much as blogging as you dive into the world of the former these next weeks. And thanks for the mentions in your past several posts!

  2. Lauren, I love your blog (and I love anything Sharpie). I'm so excited about your upcoming Mission Year and look forward to meeting you in September!