Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm forgetful. I admit it.

And with the length of my to do/to pack list, it really shouldn't be all that surprising that I would start forgetting things. (More than just the watch off the Walmart shopping list).

But, I really did it this time.

On Tuesday, I went to Primed to get a TB test done. About the time that I heard that they only had one nurse that could do the thing, I started getting a little worried. But, I still went in there and got the thing done (that may or may not be required for my service site. Great.). And then during the ordeal, I felt a little unsure about the thing, because it wasn't the same as the last time I had one done. It took forever. Had a lot more of the TB stuff in the syringe. Oh- and that stuff went all over me and not all in my arm. So, needless to say, I left with the knowledge that I was "never going back there again". Well, until Thursday to get the test read, of course.

And then, as I posted about earlier, I got home. Felt lightheaded. And somehow passed out on the floor. Um, great. We decided to blame it on dehydration, lack of food, something along those lines. Until Wednesday night church when I talked to a nurse friend that said that the guy should never have shot me up with that much stuff. (And I thought it was supposed to bubble. Not be a shot). And how a TB test is something taught at the beginning of nursing school. So, technically, more than one person should have been able to do the test. So, I decided that I was NEVER going back there again after I got my slip of paper saying I was all good.

Well. Here's where my forgetfulness comes it. I was supposed to go back sometime between Thursday at 11 and Friday at 11. (Even though I know I don't have TB. You couldn't even see the site on Day 2). And guess who forgot to go in?

This girl.

And then I realized you can't see the test site. At all. AND it's over the allotted time. And frankly, PriMed is stupid and probably won't just read the test tomorrow. Which means, I'm probably going to have to get another TB test done. (Great.) But, I really don't want to because of the traumatic experience. And because of the fact that I'm leaving on Wednesday, so in order to get a test done and read on time, I would have to go in on Monday. And I'm just not that excited about having that much tuberculin put into my body in less than a week.

I mean, seriously. I don't have TB.

And this is why I'm writing every single thing down now.

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