Monday, September 12, 2011

31 Days of Change

Sweet Annie brought to my attention of a neat little blog party that is happening in OCTOBER! Lots of bloggers are getting together and coming up with their own topics to blog about for 31 days. Darcy is holding a link up here. While I’m definitely wanting to join in on Annie’s Writing Symposium (that’s what I’m referring to it as anyways!), I really wanted to come up with something of my own. After all, I do have on my 101 in 1001 list to blog every day for a month, and I’ve yet to do that. It may take a little scheduling, but I’m pretty excited about it. For my 31 days, I am going to be blogging about CHANGE. It’s a little word that can be good…or can be bad. We’re going to go with the good side of things. 31daysofchange
I’ve got a little bit of a plan of where we’re going to go with this. Nothing’s set in stone, but right now, I’m planning on blogging on several different aspects of change. Each topic is going to have five days devoted to it. We’re going to be talking about life changes (changing your outlook, changing your fears, changing your faith, etc.) for the first five days. Then, we’re going to launch into the GREAT MISSION PROJECT. I’m going to be highlighting five different causes (and probably more than five missions organizations) that we can support (through prayers or financially) to make a change in the world. Then, we’re going to do a 180 and get some creative juices flowing! I’m going to be blogging about ways we can change our blog design, our photography, and fun stuff like that for days eleven through fifteen. Then, we’re going to narrow it in a bit and get serious. We’re going to talk about changing our self-image and how each and every one of us is beautiful in our own, unique, and special ways.
That is what I have set in stone. At some point, we’re going to talk about decorating and how we can change our spaces to make them super cute! I’m going to be highlighting in on decorating small spaces on an even smaller budget and working with what we already have. You don’t want to miss this part. And then, I want to talk a bit on BEING A CHANGE. I’m not sure where this fits in (Outside the GREAT MISSION PROJECT) but I want to talk about being the change you want to see in the world. We’ll see where that fits in. I’m super excited about the things I have planned. October will be a super fun month for sure, so if you don’t already follow the blog, click that little button on the sidebar so you can be updated whenever we add new and exciting things! Yay!

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  1. i am SO excited to see where you go with this! and haha - i love that you call it my "writing symposium." i think i'm gonna use that for our editing days!