Saturday, September 3, 2011


And you know what Saturdays in the fall in Alabama mean, right? It means it's game day!
Here's a look at the games that are on my radar today. While some of these have already occurred, I actually had my list drawn up last night. :)

1. Auburn vs. Utah State
I think this game has set the tone for the rest of the season. While I'm not going to say it's all going to go downhill, a close game with Utah State definitely means Auburn has some work to do. This is definitely going to be a "rebuilding year" since we kind of  lost of some of our great players. But, a wins a win. So, I guess we'll have at least one this year (though hopefully more, since this girl would kind of like to roll Toomer's before the trees die!).

2. Oregon vs. LSU
The Ducks take on the Tigers tonight. Here's the thing, I really can't root for either of these teams. I kind of dislike both of them immensely. I can claim to be an SEC kind of girl- but there are three teams I will not go for (Florida, Alabama, and LSU). That aside- I think this could be an interesting game. Partially because LSU's starting QB and a RB won't be playing (because they're kind of in jail) and partially because I think this is going to show the state of the SEC this year. LSU has had a good team (and even won national championships), but Oregon played in the National Championship Game last year. That said, I think it could be a game to watch (especially since I don't really care who wins).

3. Boise State vs. Georgia
Unlike with LSU, I really do like Georgia. And I kind of don't like Boise State. Georgia supposedly has a really good team this year (is projected to go to the SEC Championships- not that that really means anything).  And seeing as TCU lost to Baylor yesterday, I think it'd be cool to see Boise State and TCU both go down in the same weekend. Just saying. It would kind of make me smile. That being said- if Boise State has as good of a team as they claim to have, this game could (like the LSU/Oregon game) show us how the SEC stacks up against the rest of the nation, and maybe even put Boise State in their place.

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