Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturdays in the South

There’s a little football player that means so much to me. 010edit_1013028253

He wears the number 2 so that he can have the same number as Cam Newton did at Auburn.


There’s something about Satudays in the South that make me smile.



There’s nothing I love more about football than watching my baby brother run in a touchdown (Yes, that kid is the kicker, QB, and he can run the ball. Talented, I tell you).

132 136

And that’s what I love about Saturdays in the South. It’s not all about college football. It’s not all about dressing up and tailgating. It’s not about who’s going to go to the National Championship this year. It’s about sitting in the stands in your hometown, in the stadium that you sat in during high school cheering your team on and watching your baby brother play football on the field you marched with the band on. It’s about cheering on the hometown team.


Go Indians!

(If you want to see how cute the kid looked the first year he played, you can go here, here, and here. These are all from 2009. Apparently, I didn’t blog about the games last year. Go figure. )

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  1. This is so cute! I, too, have little super talented football playing brothers and hate that their middle school games are during the week when I am away at school! So sweet of you to showcase your brother and brag on him like big sisters love to do!