Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And how does this line up with the honor code again?

Okay. So, I might be about to go on a conservative rampage for a moment. 
But, I'm not going to apologize.

I go to a private college with Methodist affiliations. Now, I know that the Methodist denomination as a whole is not super conservative. And I know that this is a liberal arts college. But we do live in the South and I think this is too far.
Yes. You read that right. Hall program this week? Oh- we're just watching Jersey Shore and leaning about practicing safe sex.

Let that sink in for a moment. Sex. On. The. Shore. 
I pay how much for this religious education?

I feel like something is terribly wrong with this picture. I know that everyone that attends HC doesn't hold the same values as I do. I understand that. But, as an institution, I feel like we don't need to advocate for the values of safe sex. According to my reading for my C.S. Lewis class...there is no "safe" sex. There's emotional consequences involved in all of that. The whole "two become one" thing? That's for marriage, guys. I feel like a Methodist university has a responsibility to uphold these values. I'm not quite sure why almost monthly we have to have GYT days in the Dining Hall. I mean, yeah. That's what goes through my mind as I'm getting lunch. "Oh yes. Got to remember to get myself tested this month. I'll do that while I eat my chicken sandwich". Seriously. What about our honor code that everyone signs?
As a student of Huntingdon College, I hereby dedicate myself to the principles of Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, and Stewardship in all aspects of my life. I will be accountable for all that I say, write, and do. I resolve to keep myself above reproach, realizing that my words and actions impact others’ perceptions of this institution. I will participate actively in the efforts of Huntingdon College to fulfill its mission of Faith, Wisdom, and Service.
What's up with that? I guess safe sex is being "responsible", but I don't think the college sponsoring such an event has anything to do with integrity. I don't think it's keeping oneself above reproach. And I think that this could impact other's perceptions of this institution. I know that being a Christian university doesn't necessarily mean everyone hear always acts like a Christian. I get that, really, I do. I know I'm pretty conservative when it comes to this stuff. Tell me I don't have to attend hall events, it's okay...I'm not. But, this event is taking place right outside my room. I don't want to fill my mind with this stuff. I strive to live a life above reproach. That is a goal. I get why secular institutions may do events like this, but as a university that claims to be Christian, I believe we are called to live according to a higher standard. A standard to be different from the world and to not conform. We are called to live lives that are WORTHY OF THE GOSPEL. Is "Sex on the Shore" living a life worthy of a gospel? I know, I know, some people think Jersey Shore is funny. But, the values of this show do not line up with the gospel that this university claims to support. And I can't think that advocating for premarital sex (since advocating for "safe sex" IS advocating for premarital sex in dorm/college environment) is either.

Here's the thing. I love my college. I love it.
It's the best college I've been to (and I've been to three, so that means something).
But, I'm just saying. This bothers me.
I think this is a reason to be concerned.


  1. Wow. This makes NO sense to me. It's sad that they are teaching this at a Christian college. They should be teaching what a BLESSING it is to save yourself. Oh, this makes me sad.

  2. Yes, it definitely is a reason to be concerned.
    I'm sure you've probably figured out that I grew up going to a methodist church too, and am in the process of completely breaking away from there to go to a Baptist church.
    Because of similar things to what you've mentioned in this post.
    I'm not bashing the denomination completely either. It just frustrates me because I think some churches have become lax on their values and care more about society's rules than the what the Gospel actually says.
    Why should a Sunday School class be treated to the movie Bridesmaids (which is rated R) and drinks PAID FOR BY THE CHURCH? It makes no sense to me.
    But I completely agree with you, 100%.

  3. okay, i'm super, super behind on blog reading which is why i've only just seen this post. but i did see your tweet about it and i saw kayla's tweets to you about, so i've been looking forward to reading about it for a while.

    and just about all i have to say is: are. you. SERIOUS?!

    actually, i have more to say than that.

    i think this is sad. i think this is a sign of the degradation of our culture, how the world has taken over just about every aspect of our lives in a perverse way.

    there's a part of me, being from a liberal area of michigan and having gone to a public school in that area, why such a talk is being given. but you're right: not only are you at a religious institution, but you signed an honor code. an honor code.

    there's also the issue of the fact that an institution of higher learning is promoting jersey shore. jersey shore is educational if you're interested in drinking, tanning, and pretending to pretend to be italian. therefore, there is absolute no educational value a college or university could find in a show like that.