Sunday, October 10, 2010

ten. ten. ten.

Today is 10/10/10. Also known as October 10, 2010. Or the tenth day of the tenth month in the two thousand tenth year. And 101010 in binary is apparently 42 which is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. (That last one's for Max. My super nerd/geek of a brother.)

And since in my 101 in 1001 post I decided I would document everything that happened on 10/10/10, I decided I should probably blog about it. And since I'm lazy feeling, I'm going to do a timeline. Because those are fun! :)

6:45 am- Alarm goes off. Mom comes upstairs to make sure I have awakened.
6:55 am- Get up out of bed. Figure out what to wear to church.
7:00 am- Get dressed.
7:03 am- Begin straightening hair.
7:15 am- Downstairs. Grabbing breakfast.
7:30 am- Leave for early service with the madre.
7:45 am- Arrive at church.
8:15 am- Church begins!
8:30 am- Play the glockenspiel to accompany the choir. Gotta love the picking up an instrument after 4 years.
9:30 am- Sunday School hour begins. Time to pull out the Diet Coke. Need. Caffeine. Now.
10:45 am- Second Service begins!
12 noon- Church is done. It's time for lunch!
12:30 pm- Subway. It's Desi's turn to pick where we go to eat lunch!
1:15 pm- Run home to get changed and such. Find out that Auburn is now ranked 7th in the nation.War Eagle!
1:45 pm- Nursing home Sunday. Sing with the "choir" and visit with the residents. Have a discussion with Alabama fans. Try not to rub it in their face that we're higher ranked than they are. (And undefeated. 6-0!)
2:40 pm- Return home from nursing home. Find new ways to waste time on iTunes and Facebook.
5:00 pm- Leave to pick up Max from the church (went on Youth Camping Trip. Didn't get lost in woods or eaten by bear. May have fallen down waterfall- won't tell).
5:30 pm- Return home. Facebook while Mom does couponing.
6:00 pm- Publix run with Mom. Coupon love!
7:30 pm- Save $32. Spend $8 at Starbucks on the way home to celebrate. Love my double chocolatey-chip frappachino!
8:00 pm- It's probably time for dinner. A bagel and cream cheese it is.
8:15 pm- Set up Netflix queue. Remember this whole bloggie-dealy.
8:17 pm- Blogging is good. :)
8:34 pm- Ready to click "Publish"?

And that, my dear friends, was my day.
I will be going out of town for the day tomorrow, but I have two blog posts in my head to blog about. My high school had homecoming this past Friday (in addition to the fact that we're NUMBER ONE in the region) and I have some pictures that I plan on posting. And I'm pretty sure that there will probably be an Auburn post before a major crisis occurs and I can no longer discuss us being NUMBER ONE in the SEC and NUMBER SEVEN in the nation. So, plan on seeing updates in the next two-three days! Yay! :)

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