Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dream jobs.

So, I read this post by Amy Beth yesterday and it got me thinking.
What do I really want to be when I grow up?
Like, if money/location/etc didn't matter?
  1. A Mommy.
  2. A Princess. 
  3. A Disney Princess (like at the parks!).
  4. A Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher.
  5. A Children's Director.
  6. A Children's Ministry Curriculum Writer. (Is that what they're called? I don't really know. But, I'd love to write curriculum)
  7. A Cupcake Shop Owner.
  8. Run an  "Imagination Shop".
  9. Work for Compassion.
  10. A Social Worker.
  11. A Campaign Manager. (Haha. I know. Lauren + Politics= Dangerous.)
  12. A Footie Pajama Designer.
  13. A Footie Pajama Model.
  14. A Cupcake Taste-Tester.
  15. A Nanny. 
  16. A Writer.
  17. An Etsy Shop Owner.
  18. The Person That Comes Up With TLC Shows
  19. Hannah Montana. (That's a joke...promise?)
  20. A "Baby-Rocker" at an Orphanage (That's ROCKER, not ROBBER)
  21. A Wedding Planner.
  22. A College Professor.
  23. A Bridal Boutique Owner.
  24. A Professional Monogrammer.
  25. A Baby Panda Trainer. 
  26. The Person on "Extreme Home Makeover" That Leads the Crowd in Saying "Move That Bus!"
  27. A Fairy Godmother.
  28. The Wish Giver-Outer for Make-A-Wish
  29. Abby Cadabby. Fancy Nancy. Or Pinkalicious.
  30. A Clown. (I know that sounds creepy. But, I just want to hand out the balloons. I'd be a nice, non-creepy clown. Promise.)
  31. One of Santa's Elves at Christmastime at the Mall.
  32. A Tiara Tester.
There's lots more jobs that I'm sure I would love, but these are the first thirty-two that came to mind.
If you could have any job in the limitations...what would you want to be?


  1. do great minds think alike or what? over half of these are things I've thought of that i'd love to be! like Disney princess, wedding planner, & wish giver-outer. Is it weird that i put "serious thought" into the Disney princess thing when I was like 14? hahaha.

  2. It's definitely not weird. I put serious thought into the idea when I was 19?

  3. 13, 18, & 25 all made me laugh.
    26 made me really laugh.
    i can't believe you came up with 32 things you would want to do!

    i want to be a writer and a momma. anything that allows me to pour into people. i think that's why i love blogging so much.