Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Sparkle-Week 2

There was lots of exciting Sparkle in my week.

I'm not really great at only taking one picture a week. Mostly because I have so much time on my hands. 12 hours isn't my favorite course load. I mean, yes...I AM taking Philosophy and Ethics. Those are hard. But, this overachiever is spending way too much time watching TV. I need to get a hobby. :)

Without further adieu, here's my Sunday Sparkle.

I've already vlogged about the incredibleness known as the Pasta Boat. Changed my life forever.

I finally got some more command strips and finished hanging my pictures in my room. Yay, pretty!

I have this verse on my whiteboard by my door. I've had it up since Christmas, because I think I need to be reminded of this sometimes! It reminds me that I need to find joy in my present situation- where I am at right now. God has a meaning and purpose for me being RIGHT HERE. I am perfectly posited to do good work for His name right here.

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