Sunday, January 29, 2012

SUPER Sunday Sparkle- Week 4!

This is a SUPER Sunday Sparkle because I have tons of pictures. I started out with a goal of one picture per week, but I’ve taken more than one for most of the past few weeks! Project 52 doesn’t HAVE to just be a collection of 52 pictures if you’re playing by my rules. I think there can be a few extra thrown in there for good measure. :)
With all my free time this week, I’ve actually done my hair. Crazy, huh? One day this week (Honestly, I don’t remember these things) I put a bow in my hair. Yes. A Lady Gaga bow. I figured out how to do it months ago from some blog, somewhere…I don’t really remember. So, I was playing around and fixed my hair in a bow. While I thought it was super cute (and super Lauren-ish), I chickened out before wearing it to class. For some reason, I feel like I have to be super-psycho serious there. A a bow isn’t serious. It’s playful. I think I might wear it someday though.
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On Friday, I did a sock bun in my hair. I like sock buns, because they keep my thick, frizzy hair all together when I go to sleep with wet hair and it dries funny. (I ditched the belt you see in the pictures before class. Something just didn’t look right). I think I tried to make a goal last week of dressing cute each day. I’m not sure I really passed though, because I think I wore Pajama Jeans one day.
0127120841 0127120846
I’ve had a hard week this past week (as you can tell from my last post). I don’t know why, but my emotions are ALL over the place. I’ve been struggling really hard to keep my head above water. But, in the midst of all of this, I’ve been immersing myself in scripture. I’ve been teaching my kids in Sunday School that the can turn to the Word to get help from God in any situation, and I’ve had to do that myself this week. Rather than throw a pity party, I’ve used the Word of God like a sword to kill and destroy all of the lies that Satan is throwing my way. I know that God must have a mighty, awesome plan if Satan is working THIS HARD to destroy me.
photo (1) photo (3)
Typical week in the life as seen through my planner. Yes, dear. I schedule TV watching in my planner. Don’t want to miss The Bachelor, Dance Moms, or Toddlers and Tiaras, do we? This week was pretty light work wise, but things are heating up for this week. I’ve got a test on Thursday and midterms are coming up FAST. Eek. I know it’s only January, but when finals start Mid-April, there’s not a lot of playtime. Got to study-udy-udy!
photo (2) 
This precious picture is my darling youngest brother. For some reason, he decided to dress up today for church (I’m saving my other picture from today for next week, but this one seemed to go better with last week). He’s sure cute, isn’t he? Sorry ladies, he’s not single and ready to mingle. :)
photo (4)
And THAT concludes SUPER Sunday Sparkle for Week 4!

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