Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday Sparkle- Week 3

A little late this week (it's kind of Tuesday), but I just remembered to post this! Fun, fun.

A fun little present for a friend. She and I are going to be going through Grace for the Good Girl together for the next few weeks and I am so excited. Of course I had to wrap the book in some computer paper and stick an Erin Condren label on it.

Another one of my friends turned 22 last Friday and I had to make her this little piece of birthday cake. She's a sweet Catholic girl, so I had to make her a holy family cake. Complete with a snow globe. Yes, it's that amazing. :)

And that's the sparkle from last week. Yay! (So, I'm typing this up on my iPad and it just autocorrected "yay" to "thistle". So, from now on, I think I'm going to say "Thistle!" when I get excited from now on. End of story. Winning. Anyone catch that Bachelor reference just then?)


  1. Grace for the good girl is about to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!! I can't wait to post about what God has been saying to me through it.