Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Sparkle

This year, my word of the year is sparkle (we discussed this last week-this should be old news.) Since we discovered that Project 365 is more than slightly difficult, I've adopted a Project 52 model this year with a goal of at least 1 picture a week. This week, I got three. This first picture is all my textbooks except for one. Let me tell you. I went through issues to get that philosophy book. I ordered off Amazon twice and got instructor review copies. Returned those because in big bold letters it says "do not resell" and it is basically illegal and stuff. Ordered it from my bookstore, they don't ship it, they hand deliver it to me. And guess what- same thing! Instructor's review copy. Sorry for trying to be ethical. It's one day before classes start and I'm over this book thing. Instructor's review copy it is.

Can I just say that Passion was amazing? I watched it on my computer and it was basically perfect (no crowds) except I missed the whole experiencing part. Bummer. I think my favorite night was Francis- it always is.

Lastly, I started a 1000 gifts project to help remind me about gratitude. (confession: I still haven't read the book.) One of the things I am grateful for is warm quilts. They are so nice on cold days. I think I'm also grateful for LNG charge cords so that I can lie in my nice warm bed with my nice warm quilts and be on my computer.

So, that's the sparkle from this past week! Come back next Sunday for more Sparkle! Yay!


  1. I started counting one thousand gifts on the app they have for iPhone {except that I have an iPod touch, but that's neither here nor there, and I hate phones anyway, but that's another story}. I haven't read the book either - but a library copy is sitting quietly in my room, patiently waiting for me to sit down and read it. That will happen soon {I hope. desperately}.

    Okay, the problem you had with your philosophy book is THE SAME PROBLEM I had trying to order my textbook for MTH 122 my freshman year. I ordered it to find it was an instructor's copy, which it DID NOT SAY on the order page, so I paid like $40 more to buy it from the bookstore. My brother took MTH 122 this year, same book, and guess what happens? The same thing. I wanted to shank someone. This is ridiculous. Books should cost less, people should label properly, and instructor's copies shouldn't be sold without verifying that the person buying is an actual instructor.

  2. A heated blanket would serve me well right now! Gotta get me one of those :) That's annoying about your book, though.