Saturday, May 26, 2012

Faithful God

This week has been hard. I know it sounds kind of cliche, but I think the devil is out to get me because he knows the great things that are going to happen in Roswell if I stick around. So, obviously, he's trying to make my life as difficult as possible. I've been fighting discouragement this week. Things haven't worked out exactly as I imagined. I'm not feeling the greatest.I've questioned my call to ministry.

Oh- and a super ginormous Georgia spider found its way into my car the other day (my steering wheel to be precise) and about caused me to loose my marbles. The thing was huge, black, and orange. And it flew (how is that even possible?) And it on my steering wheel. You know that scene in Tangled where Rapunzel puts Flynn in the closet and is all "there's a person in my closet". Yeah, well in the moment all I could think (as I was driving down the highway mind you) was "there's a spider on my steering wheel" and how I really wished a had a frying pan to whack it with. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I'm convinced that Satan put that spider there to freak me out. I mean, seriously. Spiders grow bigger in Georgia.

But, I've discovered this past week that God is faithful and keeps his promises. Even in the midst of all of this discouragement, I've had so many rays of light. I've received emails, tweets, texts, and phone calls from so many people. Even though my "biggest issue" seemed so big- too big to handle- God still provided. I'm in a much better place this Saturday morning. I've moved to a different home that is closer to the church with a family with two girls from the youth group. I've only been here since Friday night, but it's starting to feel a little more like home. I have a plan for the summer, and I can see a little further into the future of how things could play out. Last week, I could only see to the weekend. I couldn't see past Memorial Day, because I honestly didn't think I could make it past then. Now I'm looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow, but I'm okay with saying goodbye and embracing the adventures that the upcoming week holds.

I guess I'd sum it all up by repeating what I said earlier. God is faithful. He WILL provide for our needs (not all of our wants, but our needs). All we have to do is ask. :)


  1. I'm so glad that you can look past your week and see His faithfulness. I'll be praying for you!

  2. Amen. (: Embrace this season and enjoy it. God has so many wonderful things planned for you. (: