Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Visits.

Since today is Memorial Day and I was off work and the boys were out of school (just for the day. they still have another week-ish of school), my family decided to come visit me for yesterday and today! I was really excited to be able to see them, and so happy that it all worked out.

First we went on a mini tour of Roswell (or what I know of the city). I showed my family the outside of my church and the parking lots. Then, we went over to Canton Street and I showed them all the cute shops and restaurants. We decided that we weren't really hungry yet, so we drove over to Alpharetta and found out hotel. Then, we were hungry, so we went to a brick oven and tapas place. They had really yummy pizza. Then, we went back to the hotel and this guy was excited that he got to do some swimming.

This morning, we got up and took a little adventure to Downtown Atlanta and went to IKEA. Because really, who doesn't like Sweedish furniture?

All that window shopping kind of tired us out. 

But, I did find my wedding china. Except it's Melamine, not china. And I'm not getting married any time soon. So, probably not gonna happen. 

After shopping at IKEA, we went to lunch at Moe's (my favorite!) and did some shopping at Atlantic Station. I got a cute pink shirt from H&M and some shoes for $10. I love good deals. Then, we went to spend some family time at another one of my favorite places- the home of the Christian chicken, Chickfila. 

Overall, it was a nice day together. A little busy at some points with all the rush-rush to go everywhere, but it wasn't too bad. I think next time we might just spend the day relaxing at the pool. :)
I was a little sad to see them go (because I really miss them sometimes), but I know that it's just temporary and I'll see them again soon. Plus, there's this really neat invention called a telephone, so I can call them whenever I want. It's so cool.

I think this week it going to be busier than last week (getting ready for the summer) and I'm having dinner with several families from church! It's great to finally be getting to know people (and remembering their names!) and it's starting to feel like home (for the summer at least). A little quieter, not as many late WalMart runs looking for swamp people, but it's "new" and I think that "new" can be just at good and exciting if you put it in perspective.

Oh- and since I forget this all the time- most of these pictures were taken by my Mommy on her nifty little iPod touch and edited on Instagram. Because it's like the coolest app ever. Yeah.

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  1. So glad you got to have some family time! Hope you have a great summer! God is going to use you for his good! :)