Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Since we haven't done this in awhile and I have a big girl job where I have motivation to dress cute again, I thought I'd share What I Wore Wednesday. Because it's all fun and all. :)

I have figured out that I need to work on how I hold my hands. They look all funny and contorted. But, whatever. I wore my navy Keds with this outfit, but you can't see them because I didn't have any shoes on for these pictures (my shoes were in my car!). But yeah, super cute. I also have a handy dandy name badge that makes me feel all official, but I wasn't wearing it in these pictures because I had forgotten it existed. I think I finally remembered put it on around 4. In the afternoon. Oopsey.

I also took pictures Sunday Morning. I figured it was a momentous occasion and all- first Sunday at the new big girl job! (Don't worry, I put a cardigan over my dress to make it work-appropriate. Haha!)

I just feel like these last few days have been dragging by. Some of the kids still aren't out of school, and our "official official" programming doesn't start until June. I'm seriously ready to get out there. I've been sitting in my cubical for the last three days writing curriculum and planning games and events and stuff. While it's fun to plan this kind of things and I LOVE writing curriculum, I also really enjoy the relational side of ministry. I mean, it normally means bonding with girls over fun things like fro-yo, cupcakes, and shopping! I mean, I met some of the amazing middle school girls that I'm going to be working with tonight. I think it's going to be a fun summer. The relational side of things just seems more exciting than staring at a computer screen all day. But, I know that getting everything ready BEFORE all the busyness hits is the way to do things. I've got three talks to plan for this summer, so I need to start working on those!

Friday is my first day off, so I'm planning on doing some exploring. I might hit up Starbucks (and maybe a cupcake shop!) and do a little driving to figure out where things are. I've also discovered that my middle school girls are all about some Hunger Games, so I think I'm going to have to give in and read them. I mean, I need to be culturally relevant, right? Saturday, I'm planning on relaxing (and catching up on my TV shows) and on Sunday I've got this little thing called "church" that I have to do. Then, my wonderful mommy and daddy and brothers are coming to visit me for Memorial Day. I know it's been less than a week (as of today), but I really really miss them. Even the annoying things that they do. It's just been one of those weeks and I need my family. Luckily, I'm not too far from home, but this definitely won't be an every weekend thing, so I'm savoring the time I have with them. Hopefully when things get started with the kids and we start doing things I'll get a little less homesick. Busyness distracts me, and that's what I really need. Woohoo! One more day and my first work week will be OVER! :)


  1. You didn't show the perfectly- ironed hem! lol!

  2. Cute dresses! I am so excited to read about your new summer adventure! :)

  3. Thinking I may start posting my Wednesday outfits too? Wait, my bad. No, I won't. You look super cute baby. Can't wait for the weekend.

  4. I HEART Lilly! Love your cute cute dress!