Friday, May 11, 2012

It seems like forever since I've updated. I'm getting busier by the minute it feels like. I leave for Georgia for the summer in ONE WEEK. I've started getting details about the summer (like who my family is!) and I'm really excited! I've always wanted to experience the big city, and this is my chance, since I'm going to be right outside of Atlanta. I'm excited about getting to meet my girls for this summer. Last summer was so fun, so I know this one (while it will be kind of different) will be great, too. Yay!
Part of the reason why I've been busy is that Daddy and I took a short trip to Texas to check on my grandparents. We had some great adventures. Like, we made it to Texas around 10 at night and stopped at rest area. Do you know how creepy rest areas are at night? There were also some creepy "baby monster" dogs in the parking lot. They were scary looking. Then, we stopped for the night on the other side of Houston. At a somewhat sketchy hotel (because we thought it was the best at the exit). Come to find out, there was a Holiday Inn Express across the street behind some trees. In addition, there was a train that came by every hour and blew its whistle/horn thing. Not cool. But, we survived and finished the drive to San Antonio the next day.

On the way home, we had even more adventures. Such as getting stuck in traffic for a bazillion hours. I'm convinced that Louisiana hates me. We were fine until we got to Louisiana. Then we got to Kinder, which wasn't very kind to us. Apparently there was a benzine spill on the interstate, so they were rerouting traffic onto back roads. Which is cool and all, but it backs up a bit when you are condensing 3 lanes into 1. And when you're in Cajun country. And when you really have to go potty, but you've been sitting in the same spot on the interstate for an hour and a half. And when you really want to get home. So we finally got out of that mess, but then we hit a few more spots of traffic (oh, Baton Rouge). I was sick and tired of being in the car. 15 hours is a long time! So, I went to sleep when we hit Mississippi and slept until we got to Montgomery. Home sweet home and that was my trip.

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  1. That's super exciting that you're going to be in Georgia for the summer! You'll have to tell me all about it. Especially since I keep thinking if I ever moved to the southeast (and I'm working on it!), I'd move to Atlanta.

    Oh, man! Your trip to Texas and back sounds like it was, well, a trip. Sketchy rest stops and motels, stop-and-go traffic, boredom and sleeping: a recipe for a crazy road trip you end up laughing about and shaking your head over for years to come.