Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Last" First Day of School

Yesterday was my "last" first day of school! I have 9 hours left of classes to take this semester, and I will be DONE with my Bachelor's degree. That seems completely crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday I was starting college and now I'm almost done. Since I live so close to my school (about 20-30 minutes), I am living at home for my last semester. So, obviously I had to jump in the "first day of school" pictures that I've missed the last few years. I only have  Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes, so I start really early in the morning (like, I have an 8 am. It stinks). But, I'm just thankful that I got all of my classes worked out so I CAN graduate come December. :)
If you notice in these pictures, Max is quickly getting taller. Right now I claim to be about a hair taller, but it really depends how straight I stand. He started his Freshman year in high school yesterday at my alma mater. It seems like not too long ago that I walked the halls of Wetumpka High, and now my baby brother is. He even has a few teachers that I had (or that I know from teacher aiding and clubs). Crazy, crazy. He's in band this year and he has a guitar solo during the halftime show (he plays trumpet in the rest of the songs).

Desmond is also growing up (way too fast, might I add). He's now in the grade that Max was when I went off to college. I still think of him as the cute little Kindergartner he was my senior year of High School. But, he started MIDDLE SCHOOL yesterday. MIDDLE SCHOOL. Seriously kid- stop growing up. You're making me feel OLD.

Initial reports from the first day all came in pretty positive. Nobody got their head stuck in a toilet. Max got a little lost on the way to one of his classes (he was kind of in the wrong room for 15 minutes), but it all worked out okay in the end. My classes went pretty good, too! My first class was in a double-booked classroom, so it took some time to work that out, but it just meant more time to catch up on what everyone did all summer. Homework isn't too bad, yet.  I mean, I'm about to get thrown out of my house for reading the entire book of Revelation out loud (hey- it's homework for tomorrow!), but whatever. :)


  1. FYI Brook Hills in currently doing a sermon series on Revelation. I'm sure its awesome. Also, we need to chat soon and catch up on life.

  2. Cute pictures! Maybe we will see you at a band competition this year! :) BTW, I think I will be contacting you soon about designing my blog. Yours is soooooooooooo cute!!