Friday, August 17, 2012

What Every Cinderella Needs to Go Back to School

I love back to school time. There's just something magical and special about buying new pencils and paper, binders, folders, planners, and highlighters (or maybe I just have an office supply obsession). Office supplies make me happy. So, since I'm about to start my last semester of school (possibly EVER), I thought I should share some of the things that are making me smile this Fall in my back to school supplies. Other than the textbooks, everything is from Target. :)

I love pink and I love monogrammed things. So, when I found this little DIY printable over at For Chic Sake, I knew that I NEEDED to print it off and put it in my binder. Now, every time I look at this little pink piece of heaven, my heart smiles. :)

I wanted my class schedule to match the monogram on the front cover of my binder, so I opened the pdf in Photoshop and made a big square with rounded corners in the same color as the shape on the front cover and added a white border around it. Then, I found a cute font (skinny jeans solid) and put my schedule on it. I always forget when I have class and what class I have the first few days of school, so this is super useful (and cute)!

I just adore this pencil pouch. It fits all my pens, pencils, and highlighters that I need and contains them all inside of my binder. Plus, it's purple and has really cute polka dots on it!

Since I'm only taking 12 hours this semester (and I only have MWF classes), I'm trying to only use one binder (versus a million notebooks). Since I don't want my class notes to get all mixed up, I added these cute dividers to my binder and labeled them with my handy dandy Sharpie. They are really neat, because they have pockets to put loose papers (like syllabi!) in.

I love planners. I've used one every year since 4th grade (I think). While my Erin Condren Life Planner still has months left (it lasts until December), I've discovered that it's kind of too big to be useful. I mean, I like it, it's pretty and cute. But, it's so big and bulky and I can't just throw it in my purse easily. It's really more of a desk planner. So,  went ahead and picked up this cute flower one from Target. Since some of my classes have more loose papers and notes than others, I like to have a few folders each term "just in case". When I saw these cupcake folders with my favorite saying on them, I knew that I had to have them!

One of the perks of being a religion major is that I don't have to get "typical" textbooks for most of my classes. This is a stack of most of my textbooks. One of my classes doesn't have the required books on the website yet, and I have a few books that I'm getting the Kindle version of (because it's way cheaper!). 

These are actually from Wal*Mart, not Target. I've pretty much wanted smelly markers my entire life and my Mommy is super amazing and bought them for me the other day. Hey- even college students need markers, right? :)

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