Thursday, August 16, 2012

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If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweet last night about how I'm now accepting blog "sponsors" (actually, sponsors is SO not the word, because it's all free, but whatevs). If you didn't click the link and want more info, read on:
I like blogs, you like blogs. I love the blogging community. Some of my favorite blogs that I follow have been found via other people's sidebars. But, sometimes it's hard to narrow down "who" to put on your sidebar. Sometimes the ads just aren't the right size. Sometimes you don't want to play the picking "favorites" game. Sometimes you want to help support your friends blog shops. 
That's where this comes in. For the next few months, I want YOUR AD. I want the opportunity to tell others about all the cool stuff you're doing over at your little {dot} com home on the internets. And- get this- I want to do this for FREE. Once you get to checkout, put in the code CINDERELLA to make the price of the ad go to FREE. All ads will be approved before getting placed on the blog, so make sure that there's nothing inapropro- otherwise your ad will get declined. Sorry. I'm trying to get a job at a church someday, so we have to keep things clean around here. :)

Click on over to my "Sponsor" information page to learn more. Make sure to put in the code CINDERELLA when you get to checkout! If you see, I already have my first ad from Monica all ready to go! I love blog friends. :) 


I'm super frustrated with my college right now. I've always had issues with prereqs (since I transferred in as a junior and I changed my major right before senior year), but I'm about to go crazy with these people. I got an email yesterday saying that I'd been dropped from one of my classes due to not having the prereq for it. I have several issues with this.
a. I signed up for a different class without prereqs and they decided to no longer offer that class and stuck me in this one.
b. I (well, my Mom) already paid my tuition for this semester. And I need this class to have 12 hours and keep my scholarship.
c. I need this class to graduate. As in, if I can't take this class, I have to go BACK to HC another semester. And I really hate my college and can't wait to be done with this place FOREVER. No alumni money from me!
d. I'm taking the prereq this semester. I've taken 400-level classes in the Religion department before, so why can't I take a 300-level? I mean, I took a 400-level class before I took a 200-level, soo this is kind of crazy. 
So, needless to say, I'm super frustrated. Add in the fact that nobody wants to answer their emails or their telephones and the registrar is a meany-head that insists that nothing can be done until Monday (Did I mention that the offices don't open until 8:30 am and this is an 8 am class? Not gonna work). Whateves. I'm over this school. I've already decided that December 7th will be the last time I EVER enter that campus (because I have no desire to walk at graduation and give them MORE money).


Have I mentioned that I really don't like my major anymore either? This whole looking for a job with a B.A. in Religion isn't going too great. I'm just a little worried about finding a job- that I like. So frustrating. I'd just like to find a full time job for after graduation- preferably one that paid enough that I could move out of my parents' house and afford groceries. I mean, I'd like to not have to apply for welfare.

Not to mention, this whole job search thing kind of limits what I feel comfortable blogging about. I don't want to be judged for speaking my mind. That could be why there isn't much blogging going on lately around these parts. So frustrating. Sorry for all of the negativity in this's just that way right now.

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