Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Fear{less}: Absolutely Terrified? It's Okay.

So, living fear{less} isn't always easy.
Sometimes, we DO get absolutely terrified. It's okay. It's all a part of the process.

Sometimes we're up against situations we simply can't control.
Sometimes we don't have the strength to fight the fear. Sometimes, that's just how it is.
But, when we live in spite of the situation, when we do the best with whatever we've got, we're setting an example to the world around us. We're saying to them, "Yes. This stinks. But, even in the midst of all of this, I'm going to stand strong. I'm going to keep the faith. I'm going to see this through."

Real courage- really living fear{less}- isn't about standing strong in situations that you're in control of. Real courage is living in spite of crappy situations. Real courage is knowing that you're in the midst of a battle and all you want to do is give up to the fear- but fighting anyways. It's okay to be absolutely terrified. It's okay to not know what the next step you're going to take is. But, don't give up. Keep living in spite of these situations. Living fear{less} means that we stand in the midst of these situations and we don't give up. We fight anyways. We live anyways. We try to calm our anxious hearts and we pray for God to help us get through this. We see it through...and we don't give up.

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