Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Fear{less}: Strong and Courageous

I think a lot of the time, we think that we have to be "strong and courageous" all the time. We have this idea that we can't ever fail. We can't ever fear. We can't ever break down the facade the show how things really are. We're constantly in a state of "I'm okay", when in reality life as we know it is falling apart and shattering to the ground. We want to be strong for the sake of those around us. We want to be perfect for the people that are looking up to us. The whole process leaves us feeling frustrated, longing, and seeking in the end. We strive and we strive at this silly little thing called life, and we fall short all the time.

Sometimes, we have really good intentions. I mean, we have really great Bible verses like Joshua 1:9 that instruct us- command us- to never be afraid. This can be the perfect excuse that allows us to breed perfectionism.
We feel like if we don't stay "strong and courageous", we're failing at this whole Christianity thing. But, the truth is- sometimes we don't feel like being strong. Sometimes we don't feel like being courageous. Sometimes we don't feel like fighting anymore. We can't see where we're going...the fog of fear is creeping in to our lives once again and things seem hopeless. It's hard sometimes to be fear{less} if we get caught up in the wrong definition of the word.

I think the thing we need to remember in these times is found in the last part of the verse. For the LORD YOUR GOD will be with you WHEREVER you may go. Wherever this life takes you. Whatever "scary places" he may lead you. No matter what- God is with you. This isn't dependent on our reactions. He doesn't say that he'll only guide us as long as we're being unafraid. He doesn't say that he'll only lead us as long as we look perfect to the world around us. I believe that God is okay with our imperfections. They're beautiful to him, and he can use us in spite of our weaknesses- even when they are many. Rather than getting caught up in the legalism of verses like Joshua 1:9, we should get caught up in the reassurance. Yes, God wants us to be free from the bondage of fear- it's in his perfect plan. But, even in these times, we can remember that God is with us, he is FOR us. Finding freedom of fear, living fear{less}, means remembering in the hard times that God is still there fighting for us. His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out.

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