Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Fear{less}: Worry

I'm a professional worrier.
I mean, I'm great at it. It's a not-so-hidden talent.
Want to know all of the worst case scenarios of what might happen? Ask me. I've probably already come up with them.

I've realized though that all of this worry isn't a good thing. I mean, sure- bad things happen in this world. But, is is really worth my time to worry about "what might"? Is it really worth my effort? Is this something that is going to build me up or bring me down? Is it going to enrich my life?

I'm beginning to realize that worry- even more so than the fear that it is rooted in- doesn't make my life better. Does worrying about a plane falling from the sky (not crashing- just ceasing to stay up in the air) make it happen, or does it just make me freak out during plane flights? Worrying doesn't do anything to solve the problem- it just makes me feel worse.It empties today of its strength. It brings me down- and it stresses the people out around me.

While I might be a pro at coming up with worse case scenarios- and this might help me survive past December 2012 and the end of the world as we know it- it doesn't enrich my life. It holds me back from experiencing the life I've been given. I mean, seriously. I worry about California and refuse to plan a trip there because I worry that I might die in a tsunami. That just sounds silly. I didn't want to go to NYC in the first place, because in all the apocalypse movies, that city is always the first to go (whether by snowstorm or tsunami). I don't like cruises, because of the Titanic. Because of this little thing called worry, I find myself unable to enjoy life- and that's not the way that God intended us to live. God didn't just say "do not worry" because worry is a sin. Is it harmful in and of itself? Not really. But, when it controls our lives, when it controls our actions, when it holds us in bondage- we aren't living free. Living fear{less} is living free from fear, free from the bondage that enslaves us and holds us back from experiencing the riches of the life that God has planned for us. Living fear{less} means trying to find a way (or ways) to keep our worry in check and keep it from getting out of control. Living fear{less} means living the fullest. 

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