Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days of Fear{less}: Known God

Even in the midst of chaos, fear, and the unknown;  there is one thing we can know for sure...we serve a known God.

Sometimes, this whole life thing seems a little unsure and fleeting. We don't even know what tomorrow holds, much less ten years from now. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm going to eat for dinner...much less what I'm going to do after graduation. This is a prime time for fear and worry and anxiety to set in. The "what ifs" use this moment to attack. But, we can rest in the fact that God is known. We have all of these examples from the past when he's come through...why do we think that he'll be unfaithful now?

I mean, we have a great big book full of stories of God's faithfulness. We can read stories from the Old Testament about how he provided for the Israelites' every need, even when they were disobedient. We can read stories about how he provided food for them (manna) as they walked through the desert. We can read about how he conquered the promised land for them. We can read the stories of miraculous things that Jesus did in the New Testament. We can read about the struggles of the early church. We can see how throughout the centuries, God hasn't changed. He's remained the same- faithful.

So, in the midst of moments of fear, remember God's faithfulness. Remember the stories of the book, but also remember the stories of your own life. Where has God shown his faithfulness to you? How has he "come through"? What makes you doubt that he can still handle your situation? Living fear{less} means remembering the past to help us persevere in the future. Yes, our futures may be unknown. They may be scary- frightening even. But, we can know that all things will work for the glory of God. God will come through. God has a plan. God will provide...we can know that much, even in the midst of all the unknown.

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