Monday, April 5, 2010

Registration Time!

We have now officially entered into my least favorite part of the semester. Projects and papers are due. And, I’m sick and tired of my classes. Even my second half-term ones. It’s also time to begin registering for classes for the Summer and Fall. And I’m not really a fan of the process. You have to go online and see when the classes you need will be offered. Then, you come up with a plan about how you would like your schedule to go. Personally, I like only having classes 2 days a week. This allows me time to work on homework, do observation hours, go to Auburn, etc. Then, you wait until it’s your day to register.

I have to wait an extra day to register because technically I’m not a Junior.  Apparently, I’m two hours short. Great, thanks a lot guys. Hopefully, when I get online tomorrow at 8 AM to register all my classes will still be open. But, who knows. I have to hurry though, because I have to be at the other side of the next county over by 9. I have a way of scheduling things to all happen on the same day. And since I applied for Professional Education…I actually can’t sign up for all my classes tomorrow. I have to wait until the end of May when I am admitted to sign up for my first Methods. What a headache. But, I have my plan. If all goes to plan, this summer I will take classes 4 days a week, at night. Not my favorite way, but that’s the ONLY time that they are offered. With the exception of Physical Science. But, would I really want to get up at 8 AM in the summer for a science class? Probably not. But, if all goes as planned for the Fall, I will only have classes Monday and Wednesday except for my Methods Class. Because they’re only offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Sound confusing? It is.

Bah Humbug. I hate registration time.

On a happier note…yesterday was Easter. And I got to teach wonderful second graders about Jesus and rock sweet babies to sleep in the nursery. I only got projectile spit upped on one time. So, not too shabby. Below is a picture of my beautiful family on Easter. I think we all look pretty spiffy even though we don’t match. :)25214_408850096809_763846809_5062190_7420656_n

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