Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy. Tired. Spring Break is in sight!

It's late. I'm tired. And I just realized that I haven't blogged all week.
Unlike the rest of the world, I have Spring Break next week (as opposed to this week or the week after next week). Why my institution of higher education planned things this way, I have no idea. But, I do know that it has set me up to have a test this week and lots of reading for class. Oh- there was also this show called the Bachelor that took up three hours of my week (complete waste of a season) and this thing called voting that took like 5 minutes tops (be prepared for a Roy Moore rant sometime in the next few days. Why Alabamians decided he would be a good choice is beyond me. It almost makes me want to vote Democrat this fall for the judicial race. Almost.)
So, I put things off until tonight. I have a tub that needs to be scrubbed. A floor that needs to be mopped. Some dishes that need to be washed. Some clothes to be packed. A "library" to pack (I have some papers to write over the break- 15 books plus a kindle). And a blog that desperately needs to be written. So, like every post seems to go here recently, here's the pictures. I'm still wearing the dress. Yes, I wash it every so often. I haven't repeated an outfit yet. There's a button on the sidebar if you want to support As Our Own. You get the idea by now, right? Okay, the picture evidence.
I feel like I'm super pale in the first picture. I'm not dying or anything. I had an  8 hour stomach bug that hit approximately 2 hours after the picture was taken. So, I wasn't feeling all that great. Otherwise, it's just my normal, pale self. Apparently my Vitamin D I've been taking hasn't kicked in yet. :)

So, Spring Break plans? Write my three papers I have left for this semester. Work on a homework assignment for my Church History class. Read some books "for funsies". Um, let's try survive a week in the house with two jealous boys (10 and 14) that aren't on Spring Break. Lucky for me, I've got bribery candy. We're handing it out a little at a time this time. Haha. Big sisters rock. :)

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