Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sparkle- Week 9!

It's Sunday Sparkle time again! This project has been really fun so far. I'm still working at getting everything printed and placed in a scrapbook, but when I get a complete layout, I'll be sure and post pictures. After all, I really do want to be a crafty blogger...haha.

I don't have as many pictures from this week as from weeks past. I've been busy, and I'm hard at work getting my one dress project pictures up. So, just a few this week. As I blogged about here, monday night, my daddy and I went to PCC for the 72 Days for Freedom kickoff. It was super amazing and really encouraged me that we CAN make a difference in the problem of human trafficking. On the way over to Atlanta, we stopped at the Dwarf House in Newnan for dinner. I love gnomes, so naturally I like things like dwarfs and tiny doors, too. After the program, we had a candlelight thing by the hand from Passion. It was pretty neat.

I didn't take anymore pictures until Friday. That is when some crazy tornados came through. According to UAB research, most deaths from tornados are a result of head trauma, so you should wear a helmet. Des and I took this to heart.

Saturday night, my Dad found Jesus. As in, we were sitting around the table and dad said "I just found Jesus on the wall". Okay guys, bidding starts at 500. Who wants a wall with Jesus? (Haha. Kidding. Love my house). I added in an arrow so you can find him easier.

Tonight (yes, I'm including Sunday this week), I did my weekly grocery run with Kaitlyn. First, I wrote up my list. Then, I looked at the publix ad for this week and printed off some coupons. Everything was on my list that I got, except for some crackers. But, they were $1.49 for 2 boxes (Bogo at $3.49 plus a $2 coupon), and I will eat them, so I think it was a good deal. My "win" for the week was my vitamin d. My doctor said I should start taking it. So, I found one for $4.99 regular and I had a $3 off Publix coupon (from their booklet) and a $1 off coupon that was on the item. Winning. That means it was $0.99. Not too shabby, even if they weren't gummies. I also needed some Zyrtec, and they had a deal for the Publix brand. If you bought the 30 count (for $13), you got the 14 count free. So, I spent $13 for $23 worth of medicine. I think that counts for something! Overall, I saved $24 and spent $36 (pre-tax. It was 40 with tax) and was able to get what I needed for less. Yay!

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