Saturday, March 10, 2012

catch up.

I've been awful at uploading my pictures this week.
I've been awful about blogging about those bible verses I said I was going to blog.
I had great plans for catching up and all that jazz, but I hurt my thumb.
It's really hard to type without your thumb. It's also hard to open a can of diet coke.
(For future reference, don't try and scrape mod podge off of a pair of scissors with your finger. Scissors are sharp, and you will cut yourself).

So, for today, I'm just posting the pictures to catch up from Wednesday through today.
Today's picture was taken by my dork of a brother who doesn't really know how to use a camera.
This was the only non blurry one...and I'm not changing back into it for more.

This month in Sunday School, I'm teaching the kids about conviction. A line from tomorrow's Jesus Calling for Kids really stood out to me for the lesson, and it also reminded me of the One Dress Project.
Be brave! Step out in faith, and I will step right out with you. Let me work through you. Together we will do great things for My kingdom. 
Be brave. Do what God leads you to do...even if it sounds a little crazy. All sorts of people have had God tell them "crazy" things. Abram was told by God that his wife would have a baby in her old age. Mary was told that she would give birth, even though she was a virgin. The Israelites were told to march around a city for seven days to make it fall. What they have in common is that they were brave and they stepped out in faith. In this way, God was able to use them and work through them for his glory. Great things were done for the kingdom through their acts of faithful obedience. I'm not trying to say that wearing the same dress every day is at the same level of biblical awesomeness as these great heroes of the faith, but I believe that my taking this step can lead to great things being done for the kingdom. What does God want you to do outside of your "zone"? Be bold. Be brave. Stand strong, even when the world around you thinks you're nuts.

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