Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finals Fun: Day 2

Okay, Philosophy finals is now over and DONE. It was really the only one I was stressed out about (I'm on the verge of making an A), but I've realized that it's okay if I get a B in that class. I mean, it's Philosophy. I have no desire to ever talk about that subject matter again. I'm hoping for a little generosity in the grading, but it's going to be borderline no matter what. So, I guess we'll just see when grades get posted next week.

I kind of forgot who Kant was. And Hume? Who is that guy (only two of the most important philosophers)? The one question that discussed both of them was a little hard (as in I mixed up coercion and causation). Hey, they both start with "c". But, in my defense, I missed about a week of class around the time of "that discussion" because of allergies and sinus problems, so I was going all from the book. Have any of you tried reading a philosophy book lately? One without cartoons and fun pictures? It's not real fun. Or educational. Whatever, I "Kant" understand this guy.

Whatever. I tried the whole "questioning everything" policy (and I think we did pretty good at it), but there was still a test to be taken. I'm just glad that it's done. Sadly, the following cartoon is incorrect.


And just because I think it's a fitting ending...

I have a feeling that this week is going to make me look like a major nerd on my blog.

Which might just be true.
The End.

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