Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finals Fun: Day 4

Woohoo! Day 4! I am going to survive finals week! My "hardest" finals are over and done (Philosophy and Ethics) and I feel like I have a chance of finishing this semester. I'm really enjoying all of these funny pictures and comics this week. They're bringing sparkle to my life (haha, I'm easily amused). So, since today is my "General Epistles" final (also known as the catholic epistles or James-Jude), I thought we'd pull out some funny New Testament jokes.

We talked a lot about the day of the Lord in class (next semester in Apocalyptic Lit it's going to be even worse). Since it's 2012, I thought I should throw this one in for good measure.
Okay, so this baby makes me giggle. And one of my pet peeves is people that use verses out of context and manipulate them to mean what "they" want them to mean. Read the whole thing people. Put those verses in context and see if "your meaning" still fits. Look at those surrounding verses, they really are pretty important.
Okay, so this one, I'm not really sure how it relates to the class. But, it made me smile. Jesus loved me before I was "cool". Before I was perfect and sin-free...that gives me hope! Even though we may not give, God keeps on giving. He doesn't withhold from us to enforce behavior change- he loves us anyways.

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