Saturday, April 7, 2012

If you remember...

If you remember, last Easter I talked about making my own Easter dress. I had great marvelous plans to make this one.
But, it simply didn't happen. I got all of the fabric and cut out the pattern pieces. I made the bodice and sewed the skirt portion. Mom helped me get the sleeves on it. But, when it came to putting it all together, it didn't work. I cut the pattern out a few sizes too big and looked too much like a clown. Not cool. Mom wrote a blog about it. I stressed out about it. So, we just went to Loft and found a cute dress that was already made. Easy peasy. 

Well, this year, I really wanted it to work. So, I braved up and worked on attaching the top to the bottom. A minor elastic malfunction aside, it went together. 
Mom is helping me out (thanks Mom!) by sewing the bottom hem. Then, we (and by "we" I mean "she") are taking it in a little. As I mentioned before, I look like I belong with the clown troupe and it's just too big up top. Elastic waists can only do so much.

We've got pink and green shirts for the boys (going for the matchy-matchy this Easter)...and I think this year will be the year of the homemade dress (but, I do have a backup in my car...just in case!). To prep for the "big day", I thought we'd review some Easters of the past.
Left: Max's first Easter. I love Easter hats!   Right: Mommy and me when I was 4 or 5. 
In the left picture, Max is in the background running away from the camera. Typical boy.

Desmond joins us! This was 2003. I think the boys looked so cute in their vests!
2005 and 2006.

{Edit: By the way, if you are wondering, today is day FORTY! I have plans to post the remainder of my pictures and  for a followup soon as I get back to my dorm room where my camera cord is. I'm home for the weekend, obviously. So, stay tuned for that tomorrow or Monday. It's coming, I promise.}

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