Monday, April 2, 2012

Yes, I'm STILL wearing the dress...

Lent isn't over, yet. Six (well, five after today) days remain in the One Dress Project. I feel like I've been really bad at blogging the process, which is why it's not as "successful" as I planned it to be. But, I'm trying to look at "success" the way that God looks at "success" and not judge the project by the amount of money it raised and what not. I mean, I feel like we've had some great discussions about human trafficking. This project allowed me the opportunity to talk about it with some of my classmates. It allowed me to show my Sunday School kids a practical way to live out their faith. I've gotten some facts out about the whole issue. I've learned that I CAN wear basically the same thing for 40 days (which will make packing so much easier in the future!). As this project winds down, I'm happy. I'm grateful for my circumstances, even if I don't always think they are perfect. I'm blessed. I'm blessed to not have to wear the same dress for a year or my entire life. I have a whole closet of clothes- that's something to be thankful for. I've been reading One Thousand Gifts and it's offered me a new perspective on things. 
So, this week, as we wind down the One Dress Project and we enter into Holy Week, let's remember the blessings. There's a season for everything. There's a season for passion. There's a season for fundraising. I'm not downplaying these things- please don't think I'm implying this. I am still just as passionate about rescuing girls from this horrible thing. I'm still just as passionate for advocating for the end of slavery. But, I also know that sometimes we need a season of gratitude. Normally, we think of this time being thanksgiving- it's the season for giving thanks. But, this week (Holy Week) is also a week for us to remember. For us to look at our perspective and find the blessings that God has given us. Laura Story in her song Blessings writes, "What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if Your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near? What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?" I love the last line- mercies in disguise. 
This month in Sunday School, I'm teaching about HOPE. Hope is finding the good in a bad situation. It's seeing that there IS something greater. We are learning from the stories of Jesus. In 1 John 16:33b, it says "But take heart! For I have overcome the world". I think that is so comforting. There are bad things in this world- but we need to remember that in the end, we KNOW who is going to win. It's not a mystery. It's not an unknown. We know that in the end, Jesus will reign. He's already conquered death and the grave. That's why we accept evil in the world today. I hear so often things like, "How could a loving God allow evil?". The answer is that one day he will defeat it. He has already defeated it. In heaven, there will be no human trafficking. There will be no slavery. Sometimes I feel so small and insignificant. Like, how will I ever change the world? Who am I to think that I can do these things? But, then I remember- Jesus. It's not me that will change the world. It's not me that will end human trafficking- I don't have these burdens to bear alone! It's Jesus in me. It's Jesus using me as a tool to get his work done. It's okay if my "project" isn't super "successful" by the world's standards, all that matters is that I have done what HE has told me to! I find little blessings within this project (that I've mentioned earlier). I mean, my "bad" situation- my discontentment, my disappointment, my tiredness of wearing this dress- is NOTHING considered to some of the people trapped in human trafficking's situation! I am BLESSED!

What are some blessings in your life this week?
What are some "mercies in disguise"? 


  1. Lauren I just wanted to say that you have a really wonderful blog!!

  2. Didn't know you were teaching on Hope this month. I'll be preaching on Friday about hope too at the Stephen's Table dinner. You're invited...