Friday, April 27, 2012

Finals Fun: Day 5

Okay, is the LAST DAY OF FINALS!!!! (Can you sense the excitement?) Today is my Church History final, so I thought we'd pull out some giggles from the early church.

Okay, so I get some slack sometimes in my classes because I'm republican and I really don't think that there is anything wrong with the military. Not that we should go out there and kill everyone, but I think that there is a time and place that war is necessary to preserve the piece. Well, in the early church (think Rome) all Christians were pacifists (pretty much anyways). They practiced non-violence and modeled their actions after Jesus. They thought that it was wrong to fight in the Roman army and wouldn't fight, and this wasn't looked upon fondly by the Romans (as you can imagine). This view shifted during the Constantinian Watershed when Constantine converted and all of Rome became "Christian". I mean, if it didn't there would be no army and the nation of Rome would be destroyed, and chaos would break loose...and you get the idea. Early Christians were pacifist.
Okay, so who doesn't like Luther? While the whole denomination thing has really divided the church (in a not so great way), I think we can recognize the significance this man had (and for you non-Church theologians out there, it started with just a few and then ballooned to what we have today. There was a time we didn't have Southern Baptists and Methodists. Just an fyi. Free factoid of the day).

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