Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm no world traveler...

For graduation, my Mom and I have been planning to do a girls' weekend in New York City. I've never been and all. But, due to my school schedule for next fall not being complete yet and the fact that NYC is a very busy city with lots and lots of people I'm beginning to rethink our plans. Plus, I'd really like it to be a family trip. I've been looking all over trying to find that "perfect deal" that would also be fun for the family. Here's where you come in. I need some help. Here's what I'm looking for.

1. I graduate in December, so the idea time for the trip would be during Christmas break. My brothers don't get out of school until the Friday before Christmas, so we'd be leaving around then (since they go back right after New Year's).

2. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather. I really liked Miami/Key West last year because I could wear shorts and go "swimming" (interesting fact of the day: I don't know how to swim. So, I stay in the shallow water where I can't drown as easy). But, it doesn't have to be THAT warm. I just don't want to catch hypothermia.

3. I'm not super outdoorsy or adventurous. So, don't plan on any zip-lining or rock climbing. Skiing turned out pretty bad last time I tried (see point 2).

4. I live in central Alabama. We visit Atlanta a lot (plus I'll be living in that area this summer!). I really want something different- but, we'd really like to drive since flights for five are expensive (especially at Christmas). Plus, we're good with 12 hour road trips. We've driven to Orlando, Texas, Iowa/Nebraska, etc. I also want to stay in the US. I know Mexico is warm and all, but the whole Americans getting kidnapped and decapitated thing isn't really cool. Plus, I don't have a passport.

5. We tried the whole resort thing last Christmas and it really isn't our thing. I feel weird going somewhere and feeling like the workers are getting taken advantage of. I really have a heart for justice and  it makes me feel out of place. Plus, have you seen my family? We don't dress up. We live in Alabama. The grass is almost never cut in our yard. We aren't rednecks, but we might be "hicks from the sticks". So, nowhere too fancy where we'd have to worry about appearances. I'll leave that to my youngest brother (the one that matches his shoelaces to his shirt to his hat).

6. Lastly, I have this end of the world fear. I know that the Mayans were probably wrong and all, but I don't want to be gone on the 21st, just in case. And I don't really like California, because in all the movies it gets swallowed up by a giant tsunami or earthquake or breaks off--end of the story, everyone dies. I'd rather not die in that manner. I'm also against the whole cruise thing, too. Have you SEEN Titanic? I mean, imagine Titanic meats the end of the world tsunami. No thank you.

So, after all of that, ideas anyone?


  1. My mama and I went to NYC for my Graduation trip and it was a memory I will NEVER forget! I think you should really consider that!

  2. Cruises aren't that bad. We survived on likely the oldest cruise ship they still use.

    My suggestion is disney world, but the while crowds thing and the fact that they will be packed. You could always do a pre-graduation trip to disney in may though.

    You could go to charleston/savannah. They aren't that far apart and probably wouldn't be too crowded. There is water there, but it probably wouldn't be warm.

  3. Nashville. You could go and see shows and maybe it wouldn't be completely boring for your brothers.


    it will be cold, but i'll teach y'all how to handle it mitten style.

    also, i've been super behind on blog posts which is why i haven't been commenting lately, but i have definitely been reading all your posts! hope you're doing well & hope to be caught up on your exploits soon!