Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NYC Plans: Day 1

Our flight is due to land in New York City around mid afternoon.Mom and I still aren't quite sure how we are going to get from LaGuardia to our hotel (that I'm not sharing because I don't want to encourage my crazy stalkers...haha). Those of you who flew into the city- how did you get to your hotel? We are staying near Times Square/Broadway. I found an airport shuttle that goes to Grand Central Station, but that's the closest I can find. I know that traffic is crazy, so NY taxi drivers kind of scare me. :)

Since we are arriving that afternoon, we just have a few things planned for Thursday. We are going to check into our hotel, then head out to do a little exploring. Since I love the idea of sewing and fabric makes me smile, we are going to make a stop at Mood Fabrics. It's the fabric store that they use on Project Runway, so it sounds super neat. 

From there, we have a couple options. I'm not much for crowds, but the TKTS booth with discount Broadway tickets holds some appeal to me. I read somewhere online that if you go around 5pm, they have last minute tickets that the theaters send over and the lines aren't as long. Since we ARE definitely seeing a show on Friday, I'm thinking about winging it Thursday. If we find a good deal, great. If we don't, no big deal.

If we don't go see a show, we're going to try and experience some of the craziness known as Times Square. I hear rumors of a 4 story Forever 21 and a Ferris Wheel in the Toys R Us. Since we know that I love Forever 21 and I'm a kid at heart, that sounds really fun.

The one thing that we don't have planned yet for Thursday is where to eat dinner. I'm not a big Pizza eater, and I don't want to eat at chain restaurants that we have here in Alabama. I like the idea of food trucks- but I don't want to go hungry because I can't find one selling food I like. So, if you have any ideas of where to eat (or things to do!) near this area, let me know! :)


  1. If you want the food truck experience, just come up to AU. We have food trucks all over campus now. My mom and little sister took a limo to their hotel from the airport, but I bet you could use some type of private taxi service. One of my friends just came back from NYC and loved the Museum of Natural History. I know that my mom and sister liked it too, but it is a lot different than it was in Night at the Museum. I have a feeling you can just walk around and find somewhere to eat. Also, I know my friend and her family went to go see Carlo's bakery (from the Cake Boss).

  2. We took a taxi when we flew into NYC.

    So jealous about Mood. :)

  3. My mama and I went last summer and there is a restaurant close to times square that is like an old time-y restaurant. People sing while they are waitressing! :) So fun!

  4. hey! i'm one of your crazy stalkers, so SPILL about this hotel.

    just kidding.

    (but not. after all, new york is a lot closer than alabama.)

    i apologize for the fact that this comment is approximately zero percent helpful.

  5. Okay- I am about to comment on all of your NYC posts so get ready. :) As for the ride to your hotel, I say take a taxi. Yes, they drive absolutely wild, but EVERYONE does there. It would be a lot easier for you just to take a taxi rather than take a bus to grand central. Grand Central is a pretty good walk from Times Square.

    Definitely try out the ticket thing! We have done that every time we've been to NYC and we even won free front row tickets to wicked a few years a go! It is worth a shot!