Sunday, September 9, 2012

birthday catch up

There's this little man in my life that had a birthday last Tuesday.
Somehow in the madness, I forgot to blog the pictures from his birthday party- his first "party" in a few years. The lucky boy has a birthday that just so happens to fall around Labor Day every year, which makes getting his friends together quite difficult. Plus, it's football season. If you should know anything about Alabama, you should know that we love football. But, last week, his team had an off Saturday. And some of his friends were in town. So, we went to a local bowling alley and let the boys have a little fun.
 Life with boys mean things get a little crazy and they like to think that they're superstars when they walk in the building. But, this little (or not so little- sad day!) boy loves his mommy- and his friends.
Sissy and Max needed to get in the pictures, too. Have to make sure that it's on the record that I was around the kid on his birthday this year.
 After bowling, we had some yummy cupcakes. Des was a little bummed out that the fan kept making his candles go out- right before he'd get to blow them. But, they were still yummy.
 All in all the kid is growing up. I can't believe that my baby brother is ELEVEN! That's two years from being a TEENAGER! Crazy! Before I know it (um, OCTOBER) my bigger little brother will be turning FIFTEEN- that means he can drive. Stay of the road guys, stay off the road. Dangerous days ahead. :)

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