Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What TO Wear...

Promise I'm going to get to blogging that New York trip from last weekend soon. It was so much fun, but I still have some pictures to download from my mom's camera!

As I'm getting closer to graduation, I'm also getting closer to the "big girl job". While I haven't found "that special place" yet, I have sent out my resume, and I just got a coffee shop "meet you/get to know you/not really an interview officially". While I'm fully aware of what to wear to "big girl interviews", I'm kind of at a loss of exactly what to wear to this thing. I know that I want to look semi-professional, but I also don't want to be overdressed. I want to be cute and memorable, but I want to look my age (Mom said skorts were off-limits. Sad day). So, I thought, where better to go for advice than my blog? Here's a few outfits I've pulled together so far. Do any look like they might work?

The first two outfits do have jean-jeans (as opposed to green jeans, which we'll get to later). I currently don't own a pair of dress pants that fit right. They're all either too big or too small. So, I'm trying to find something dressy enough...without having to wear a skirt or dress. These jeans are a dressier jean, though. They're wide-legged pants from Anthropologie that I got off the sale rack a while back and haven't had a chance to wear yet. But, I really like them. I feel like option A is super cute, but Option B might be too casual. 
Annie inspired the next look. After I saw her mint jeans, it got me thinking about how I really liked them. My Old Navy didn't have any mint jeans, but they did have these green cords on sale (which I knew thanks to Nicole's post! That's why I love the blog world and blog friends!)
I also have a new red scarf that I got in NYC last weekend. Since I think that navy and green go good together, I thought a pop of red might be nice. Too much whimsy? I still want to look semi-professional, but I want to show a bit of personality.
So, from all of this, we can conclude that I really really like my new green pants (I never thought I'd say THAT!). When I wear my red scarf, I feel kind of like Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia. :)

So. What TO wear? :)


  1. I vote A. We still need that Skype date, but not until after Tuesday.

  2. I like the Tumnus look;). C is cute, too. In the end, you will be great in any of them!

  3. SERIOUSLY those cords are my favorite. I want all the colors!!!