Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYC Plans: Day 2

Next Friday will be our first "full" day in the city! I have lots planned- hopefully not too much!

Breakfast at Doughnut Plant- I've heard so many good things about this place, and I love doughnuts. So, duh...we have to go here.

Then, we are going to head to Fao Schwartz. I love toys (I'm a kid at heart, remember) and I want to  play on the big Piano. It just looks neat. :)

Then, I thought that we might spend some time at Central Park.  Mostly so I can skip around singing like in one of my favorite movies. 

We're also thinking of doing the boat thing. Cliche, yes. But, I think it'd make for some pretty pictures. 

And I want to go to Sprinkles cupcakes.I really hope that a cupcake atm opens up in NYC in the next 8 days, but I'm not holding my breath. 

Then, Friday night, Mom and I are going to see Wicked @ 8pm!! I'm super excited about this (it's the reason I wanted to go to nyc!). I love musicals- especially this one! 

There's a few more things that we might throw in here or there (Superhero Supply Company, anyone?), but that's what's one the schedule for Friday! I'm getting so so so very excited! :)

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  1. I think you definitely need to see central park! Be prepared, if you REALLY want to experience the park, it would be an all day thing, but you could hit a few of the high notes! I think that going to top of the rock would be a good idea, too. You get to see everything and get some great pictures of the empire state building. We bought the tickets where you get to go up once during the day and once at sundown. PRICELESS. So picture perfect.