Monday, September 10, 2012

TEN days!

TEN DAYS (Oh, please hurry up!) until Mom and I leave for a long weekend in New York City! I've realized that I don't think I've blogged about our little excursion. I know that *some people* like to keep these things secret- but I just can't hold in the secret anymore! It's just too exciting! I thought that for the next few days I'd share what we have planned and get any advice that any of you "experienced" NYC trip people have! Mom and I are going for a casual weekend- one where we aren't spending all day (or hardly any time) in our hotel, but we don't want to be all rush-rush and miss out on the fun part of the experience. We're flying into the city on Thursday and flying home on Sunday, so we have plenty of time to do the "must-do"s on our list.

Small note: We're too cheap for most shopping and we're just bringing carry on sized bags, so you don't have to suggest shopping places to us. We're just not into the whole drooling over $10 million shoe business. I'd worry that I'd trip and fall and break a shoe or something and be in debt the rest of my life. Trust me- I'm that clumsy.

I'm also horribly afraid of heights (like, I get nauseous in church balconies half the time), so I'm not into the whole "let's climb a skyscraper" thing. I can see just how tall it is fine from down here, thank you very much.

And- I hate art museums. Totally not into the whole MOMA/Met thing. Unless they have the Mona Lisa. That'd be pretty cool. But, I think that's in France if I remember correctly.

I love history. We're thinking about going out to Ellis Island (always been on the bucket list) and we might stop by Ground Zero (but the whole "flying there/flying back/ I'm super emotional" makes me freak out about that one).

I also love thrift stores. I'd be willing to check a bag if you knew of a good thrift store- that was cheap of course.

I'm not a fan of fish. Especially stinky fish. Or counterfeit handbags. Or super sketchy places. So, no Chinatown for this girl. :)

After all of that...if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Tomorrow I'll be blogging about our plans for Thursday, Wednesday I'll blog about our Friday plans, and Thursday I'll blog our Saturday plans!

We so excited. Yay. :)

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  1. um, yes, the mona lisa is in the louvre. haha.

    i don't have suggestions for you. sorry! although when i was there we walked 5th avenue (and trust me, i didn't have the money to shop and my mother is also too cheap to do so) but it was nice just for the experience.

    you should probably also go to times square. i don't think we ever went to the square itself but i've seen some beautiful pictures.

    i'm excited to hear all about your trip!