Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Life Binder

For awhile now, I've been seeing these binders called "Home Management", "Homemaking", or "Mommy" Binders. Seeing as I don't really have a home to manage or make, or children to call me Mommy, I was sad that this organizational project didn't really apply to me (because it's totally in my zone). But, after further investigation and research, I discovered that I COULD make a binder that applied to my life situation and status- and call it a Life Binder! 

I spent some time picking out the different sections and printables I wanted in my binder. I made the section covers to match the front cover, and when it was all done-I smiled. I say it's "done", but it really is a work in progress. There's several sections (like menu planning), where I have several sheets that are different layouts of the same idea. I'm still figuring out what I like- and I won't even really begin to use it until August when I move to Tuscaloosa!

For my binder, I chose the following sections: Health, Menu Planning/Cooking, Cleaning, Finances, Blog Planning, School, and Calendars. The Health section has printables related to being healthy, exercising (tracking it so that I don't go overboard), and emergency information. Menu Planning has printables guessed it, menu planning. It also has some lists for favorite recipes and stuff. 

Cleaning has some cleaning checklists and information from Martha Stewart on how to clean certain things. Finances deals with budgeting and bills. Blog Planning deals with planning stuff for here. School has some printables to fill in with information for my classes, and classmate contact information. Finally, Calendars has monthly and weekly/daily calendars (as seen below).

I made the little Blog Post planner on the right. You can download it here.

I'm just so excited with how colorful it turned out! I put all of the pages in page protectors so that I can write on them with dry erase markers (or wet erase markers) and then clean them off each week. I figure that with this many pages, I don't want to have to reprint them all the time! Some pages will be filled in (like the emergency page), because the information won't change.

Here is the list of where I got all of the printables from:

Exercise Goals- 
Emergency Information- DIYhomesweethome
Weekly Goals-
Healthier You-
Gratitude List-Blessing Manifesting

Menu Planning: 
Weekly Menu Plan- kissen studio
Menu Plan- For the Love of Joy
Favorite Meals- Steph Murdoch
Meal Categories-The Ivy Twines
Common Kitchen Measurements- One Good Thing by Jillee
Substitutions- Tip Nut 

Homemade Cleaning Recipes- Clean Mama
Daily Cleaning Chart- MomItForward
Martha Steward Cleaning Tips- Here

Monthly Spending- Mom Agenda
Monthly Budget- Is Daddy Home Yet
Bills- I can’t find the one I used, but this one from Is Daddy Home Yet is similar: HERE 

Blog Planning:
Blog Planner- BarelyMommy
My Blog Planner- PDXBloggers
Brainstorming- PDX Bloggers
Blog Post Planner- Made it myself :)

Class Schedule- The Nest Effect
Library List- Bird and Little Bird

Monthly- The Learning Effect
Day Keeper- Here

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