Sunday, May 5, 2013

fighting fear with words of truth

Fear seems to be hitting me especially hard right now. There are just so many "uncertains" in my life. One minute, I've got control over my anxieties, and the next- I'm off the deep end. But, I'm learning to recognize these times. I'm learning to recognize when I'm going off of the "deep end" into doomsday scenarios that won't occur 99.999% of the time. I'm learning how to discover which thoughts and worries are put into my head by Satan to distract me from where God is leading me. I'm learning what it means to live- I'm finding free!

About a year ago, I read a book called "One Thousand Gifts". It kind of changed my life in some ways. One of the things that the author writes about in one of the chapters is how she has index cards with bible verses on them that she clings to when she's in the depth of the pit of anxiety and fear. When everything seems to be falling apart, she clings to what is true, what is faithful, what will last forever. So, what did I decide to do? I decided to make some Scripture cards.

I wanted something cute (I use them more if they're cute...that's just how I work). I wanted something flexible- something with the verses that God was speaking to ME from- not just some list off the internet or Pinterest. I feel like sometimes God speaks certain words into our lives at certain times, and these are the words that I want to reflect upon. Over the past two weeks, I've clung to these verses. At night before I've gone to sleep, I've read through them- and I'm sleeping a little better and a little more peacefully. 

I wanted to share this project with YOU. I know, we're all going through different struggles. But, I want to share my heart with you. Maybe you're struggling with fear and anxiety right now. Maybe you're worried about "what next?". I don't know what battles you are fighting or how to heal your broken soul. I don't know how to tell you that everything is going to work out- because I still struggle and fail and doubt. But, I do know how to share the TRUTH with you. John 8:32 says, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." I believe that the words from scripture are TRUE and that they can set you free. God is THAT powerful. 

For my cards, after I designed the cards, I printed off my graphics (can be downloaded from this Google Doc) and glued them onto index cards. These cards are 3x5 sized which makes them perfect for index cards. I wanted them to be thicker and more durable than computer paper, but I think that it would have been easier to just print them off on card stock. :) Silly me. Since I don't have a laminator, but I wanted them to be a little more durable, I used clear tape on the outside. They look a little ghetto and have some air bubbles and such, but I think that they're still pretty cute. Finally, I punched a hole in the corner of the cards and put them onto a binder ring. This was just to make it easier so that I don't lose them all over the place (plus, it makes them easier to flip through)!

Let's go out and "find free" today. Seek out truth and recognize the lies. Fear and anxieties may be a part of who we are, but we don't have to let them control what we do! God is stronger and more powerful than any of the false things that Satan might throw at us. He holds our entire world, our entire life, in his hands. He's THAT big and THAT powerful. So really, why should we fear? He's always on our side. Sometimes we just need Scripture to help remind us of that.

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  1. I love your scripture cards. They are so cute and like you I will use them more if they are cute. I think I'll be making me some soon. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I found you through ALWomenBloggers