Monday, April 19, 2010

day one.

If you don't know what I mean by "Day 1"- go here and reread yesterday's post.
If you still don't get the whole "A Week in the Life" go here and read up on it.

So, as part of my whole "Week in the Life" project, I decided that I was going to blog and show some pictures I took each day. So that all of you could see what my days entail. And let me tell you...I have some FUN things planned for this week. So, it should be pretty exciting around here.


So, part of the project includes taking a picture of yourself each day. Um, check. I'm pretty good at the whole myspace/picture in the mirror thing.


This morning, I woke up and I got ready for the day ahead. Mondays=school day. So, at approximately 8:17, I left the house to head into town. I arrived at school at approximately 8:45. And that's all the times that I wrote down. So, the rest is all in my head. This morning, I had my Foundations class where some people did their presentations on the observations we had to do. I didn't do mine, because my turn isn't until Wednesday. And besides, I haven't completely finished the paper yet. After that class, I went down the the computer lab for my educational technology class. That's my favorite class of the day. I took a picture of my keyboard and my notebook. And then, I went to Math class. And took a test. But, I didn't take a picture of that...I thought that my teacher might get a little suspicious. I mean, I think that falls into the category of cheating. And then...I went home.


And when I got home. I ate some nachos and Diet Coke. And then I went with Mom to pick up the boys from school. And then we went to WalMart. Because Walmart is cool. And fun. And exciting. And while we were there, they did a fire drill. Except we didn't have to evacuate. And the sirens went off. But, they didn't sound like sirens, they sounded like really loud crickets. Weird. Anywho. Then, we went home and I started putting together my scrapbook for this whole "week in the life" project. And then I ate spaghetti for dinner. And then I scrapbooked some more. And now I'm blogging. And then, I might do some homework.

I've come to the conclusion that my life is very boring right now.
Why would future relations ever want to know what MY life was like for?!

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow guessed it...Day 2!

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