Sunday, April 25, 2010

day seven.

8:00 am: Wake up. Get ready for church.


9:15 am: Leave apartment for church.

9:30am: Begin teaching 4th grade girls about friendship and ice cream. Because I got volunteered on my Sunday off. :)

11:00am: Go to Resonate. Yay Jesus!


12:20pm: Time for Cheeburger Cheeburger for lunch.

1:30pm: Decide it’s probably time to pack and head home.

2:30pm: Arrive home. Vacation over.

3:00pm: Discover Desi playing with sidewalk chalk. If you didn’t know…I’m “Lala”.



3:30pm: Take cool pictures outside with the Daddy.



5:00pm: Head to church.

7:00pm: Taco Bell for dinner. It was us and a gazillion Talladega people. Gee Alabama, way to be a stereotype. I wish I had the camera, but it' was at home. I think we were the only non sunburn, number wearing people there. Oh- and the van wasn’t painted up either.

7:30pm: Dad checks mail for the day. Discovers package with these cool necklaces that benefit Amazima Ministries (aka Katie in Uganda).

039 040

9:09pm: Blog about day. I’m so over this “Week at a Glance” stuff! Time to scrapbook….um…after finals?

((Additional Note: If you were wondering, the pictures from this week were taken by three different cameras. At the beginning of the week, I used my Nikon DSLR. Some pictures were taken with the camera on my phone. Wednesday-Sunday pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot point and shoot that sounds like a dying cat.))

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